Nóra Lakos

Festival Director
Nora Lakos is a Hungarian film director. Her main goal is revive the children's film in Hungary. For that she directs film for children and youth, founded the Children's Film Academy where children aged 8-18 learn filmmaking and organises the first International Children's Film Festival in Hungary.

Orsolya Komlósi

Festival Manager
Orsolya Komlósi is DLA student at the University of Film and Theatre, Budapest, head of the Palantír Film Foundation. Works as curator, she is involved in documentary film festivals, mainly in film selection and social distribution. Her field of research is the impact measurement of documentaries (especially visual anthropological documentaries).

Katalin Banai

Festival Coordinator
Katalin Banai is the leader of the DocuArt Documentary Film Cinema ran by the Palantir Film Fondation. She earned her Cultural Manager degree from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest. She has contributed to the organisation of several documentary film festivals such as the Taiwan DOX and Budapest International Documentary Festival.

György Somogyi

Film Programmer
György Somogyi is a Hungarian screenwriter also member of the Children's Film Academy. György created tv film, award winning shorts and also a very popular comic book called: Kittenberger.

Marcell Füredi

Film Programmer
Marcell Füredi is a Hungarian cinematographer and a tutor at The Children’s Film Academy.

Sára Haragonics

Film Programmer
Sára Haragonics is a Hungarian director of documentary films such as the award winning Coming face to face (2016) and a member of the Children’s Film Academy.
Horváth Bálint

Bálint Horváth

Communication Manager
Bálint Horváth is a Hungarian film journalist and a freelance cultural writer.

Diána Berényi

Diána Berényi is a PR and communications expert, she has been working for more than 15 years in the field of media regulation. In connection with her field of expertise - film support, protection of minors and media literacy – she mainly organised comunications campaigns and film festivals. Diána is also a communications consultant and production manager of several animation film companies.

Lackó Bernáth

Volunteer Coordinator