FILM, COMIC BOOK AND DESIGN MARKET during Cinemira at the main hall of Akvarium Klub.


Raving Store
A large variety of merchandise based on movies, superheroes and cartoons is wating for you at Raving Store's booth.

Children's books

Móra Könyvkiadó
You can find new and classic children's literature at Móra Kiadó's booth.

Professional microphones for filmmaking

You can find high quality microphones suitable for any filmmaking needs at Mediadot's booth.

Handcrafted photo workshop

Katalin Gesztesi photographer
At Kataling Gesztesi's workshop you can try out Cianotopy, an old-timey photographic technology and create beautiful decorations for your home.

35 mm celluloid workshop

Hungarian National Film Archive
At the workshop children can paint on 35 mm film cells and view their animations with the help of an authentic movie projector.