The Children’s Film Academy and BABtér offers special film workshops during Cinemira – International Children’s Film Festival in the area of animation, cartoon, and live action short films. Our workshops focus on the following subjects:

Film workshop

Suggested for ages between 8-14

The goal of the Film workshop is to create a one-minute short film based on a story by the children who can step into the shoes of the director, the actors, the cinematographer and the various other roles during the production.

Reporter workshop

Suggested for ages between 8-14

Children can experience what is like it to be a real life reporter during this 90 minutes long workshop. They can assume the role of newscasters, camera person or sound technician, shooting interviews with each other and festival visitors. The interviews produced during the workshop will be uploaded to the festival’s official YouTube channel.

Animation workshop

Suggested for ages between 8-14

During the animation workshop, hosted by the team of BABtér, children can learn about the various forms of cartoons, including making flip-books, zeotrop-cinema, claymation and many other kinds of animation.