The first edition of CINEMIRA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ended on Sunday afternoon with the official awards ceremony of the festival. The international jury and the children’s jury has choosen the top films out of the 90+ competing entries of the festival’s selection.

The Golden Squirrel award winning films of 2018 are:

Best Live Action Short: THE AMAZING TOY – Director: Marie Robin 

Best Animated Short: VIVAT MUSKETEERS! – Director: Anton Dyakov

Special mention of the animation jury: THE SLED – Director: Olesya Shchukina

Best Documentary Short: BUBA & SHARON – Director: Chiel Aldershoff

Special mention of the documentary jury: I HATE PINK – Director Margherita Ferri

Best Film Made by Children: AXEL OVERTURE – Director: Max Shoham

Children’s jury award: tie between KIPP KOPP A FŰBEN – Directors: Fabók Szilvia Fabók, Tamara Mikori and BELLY FLOP – Directors: Jeremy Collins, Kelly Dillon