The winners of all five categories of the 2019 edition of Cinemira International Children’s Film Festival (2019. april-12) has been announced on Sunday, April 14th.

Cinemira Golden Squrriel Award Winners:

  • Mária Horváth: Gypsy Tales: How Humans Were Made –  Best Animated Short
  • Leila Jurdi: Little Spicey  – Best Live Action Short 
  • Maryam Bayani: Rainbow Children: The Portrait of Elika – Best Documentary Short 
  • Zoltán Bek: Outer Space – Best Short Film Made By Children

ECFA Award Winner:

  • Janne Janssens: My Label

Best Hungarian Children’s Film Award Sponsored by NMHH:

  • Bálint Gelley – Door To Othertown: Scriptum