In the past few months CINEMIRA International Children’s Film Festival has been delivering award winning, high quality children’s films to young viewers through the CINEMIRA School-Nursery project. The recently ended first season of the project was a great success with 30 participating institutes and 2000 children reached across Hungary. 

“CINEMIRA delivered films straight to the youngest viewers, because for many it’s been very difficult year to visit the festival or watch movies at the theater” – told us Nora Lakos, Festival Director of CINEMIRA about the 2020 CINEMIRA School-Nursery project. “Our goal was to help out the nurseries and elementary schools with a 30 or 45 minutes long film selection that can be played during the afternoon naptime or at the start of the schooldays. We selected films that are entertaining, age-appropriate and have important merits worthy of discussion after the viewing.”

CINEMIRA strongly believes in the importance of distributing quality children’s films, for this reason the festival launched several new projects during 2020 to reach an even larger audience. The films in this special selection are reflecting on important subjects in the life of children, such as friendship, family, integration, smart phone-addiction or the relationship with pets.

The international films originate from the past editions of CINEMIRA and were selected into blocks aimed for 4-6 and 6-8 years old audiences. The film selections were available without a charge to Hungarian nurseries and elementary schools. “We’re very grateful to the teachers for being so open and receptive to our project” – said Katalin Banai, Coordinator of the CINEMIRA School-Nursery project.

The project has been met with highly positive reception on the part of the participating institutes. Feedback from teachers include:

The kids really enjoyed the short cartoons, we watched them all. They’ve been enchanted by the exciting stories and beautiful soundtracks. The subject matter was also presented in perfect manner for their age group” – Eva Szorad, Obergaller Nationalität Kindergarten, Tatabanya.

The children were overjoyed by the viewings because these tales are very close to their hearts. We discussed the films in length after every viewing” – Erika Baranyi Virag, Sun Samuel Nursery, Jaszbereny.

The CINEMIRA School-Nursery project continues in 2021. For inquiries, please contact our project coordinator, Katalin Banai.