2020 has been a challenging, yet exciting year for CINEMIRA International Children’s Film Festival. Because our team is dedicated to bring the best and latest children’s films to our audience, we sought out many alternative routes this year. While the festival itself was a great success in October, we expanded with many new features! These were our favorite moments from CINEMIRA 2020.

CINEMIRA organized three Pop-Up screenings and workshops during the summer and early autumn, including one at the Friss Hus Budapest International Short Film Festival.

Tales to the Screen! Hungarian Writers + Filmmakers Meeting – The Professional Programs of CINEMIRA 2020 took place in September at Moholy-Nagy Fine Arts University Budapest.

Ternovszky Béla, Divinyi Réka és Fonyódi Tibor zsűritagok. Fotó: Posztós János

The professional jury of the 1th Hungarian Children’s and Youth Film Pitch Forum: animation director Béla Ternovszky, screenwriter Réka Divinyi and National Film Institute Director of Screenplay Development Tibor Fonyódi.

The children’s jury chose the winner of the Pitch Forum.

A CINEMIRA szakmai nap gyerekzsűrije, házigazdái és nyertesei. Fotó: Posztós János

Winners Laszló Kolozsi and Emília Goldberg with the hosts and the jury.

Német Nemzetiségi Óvoda, Tatabánya

The CINEMIRA Schools+Nurseries Project has delivered a selection of the best children’s films from past festivals to more than 30 institutes across Hungary.

Festival director Nóra Lakos opened the Third Edition of CINEMIRA in october at Akvarium Klub.

The main competition consisted 41 short films from 14 countries. The festival also screened 8 Award-winning European feature films in the panorama section. 30 short films made by children competed at CINEMIRA’s kids video challenge.  

Movie dance-choreography and music video shooting were among the most popular children’s workshops.

A Legjobb Gyerekek Által Készített Kisfilm Aranymókus-díj nyertesei: Mócsai Bence és a Symbol c. film alkotói. Fotó: Posztós János

4 Golden Squirrel has been awarded, with the Best Hungarian Children’s film being The Polgar Girls by Ervin B. Nagy. The full list of the winners can be found here.


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